Noa Noa Fig Dress long sleeve - Kleider

Noa Noa Fig Dress long sleeve - Kleider
  • 100% Organische Baumwolle
  • Organic cotton is grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Environmentally friendly and also soft, this fabric can be easier on your skin.
  • V-Ausschnitt
  • Feinwäsche bei max. 40˚C
  • Vordere Länge: 111 cm
  • Hintere Länge: 109 cm

Über die Marke

Noa Noa is dedicated to modern, sensual women who are inspired by a Bohemian lifestyle. Noa Noa designs fashion for women who want to stay in touch and who never outlive their propensity to be curious and explore a new side of life.